GM &M is a family-owned business that was established 16 years ago with over 30 years of advertising experience combined. We specialize in every aspect of advertising from Outdoor Advertising (OOH), Radio, Television, Streaming, Digital, and so much more.

Our team members’ integrity and personal service will help you promote, grow, and succeed.  Clients can select from product options like outdoor billboard advertising, which includes static, digital and mobile billboard advertising, as well as transit advertising, just to name  a few. We are committed to providing outstanding OOH advertising campaigns as we strive to bring the best of OOH to our customers by embracing innovation, offering new technologies, measurement tools, formats, and creative opportunities to help advertisers take their message to their target audience. We understand that with platforms that are emerging, technology and increasing audience fragmentation, advertisers today are looking for innovative ways to engage and interact with consumers. Our years of experience combined with extensive industry contacts allows us to ensure our clients are provided strategically planned, artfully negotiated and all-inclusive OOH campaigns.

Because we buy in such large quantities, we are able to get rock bottom rates, and we gladly pass on those discounted rates to our clients. Also very importantly, we charge nothing for our services, as we get paid directly.

If you want a company that puts their heart and soul into their clients growth and success, you have found us, and we are your people.  We have helped many clients grow from local companies to nationally distributed and award-winning companies.  We would love to help you, too.

To engage with your audience, contact us today for world-class service and all available OOH options in your designated marketing areas.


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